Car Wash Fundraisers
Make More Money
By working with SeCar's: charities, scouts, schools, and church groups typically raise far more money than going it alone.

SeCar offers a service that people in our community already know about. When they buy a SeCar's wash from your organization, they know they are supporting your activities and getting a great car wash too!

We Do The Work
We wash the cars. It is simple - the face value of a Regular Wash (include Interior Vacuum) is $17.95. Your organization purchases the Regular Wash for $8.95 each with a minimum purchase of 100 washes. You resell the Regular Wash for $17.95 and make a profit of $9.00. Also, we eliminate your liability for damage or injury.
Regular Washes Profit Per Wash Your Total Profit
100 $9.00 $900
200 $9.00 $1,800
300 $9.00 $2,700
500 $9.00 $4,500

Desirable & Environmentally Responsible
Most everyone wants their automobile to be clean. The car washes that you sell can be used by the purchasers at a time convenient for them. Thus, your fundraising event cannot get "rained out." Further, SeCar's Auto Wash uses a car safe Envirosoft foam material. In many states, shopping center and bank parking lot car washes are discouraged because they overtax the storm water system with phosphorus and pollutants that destroy the beauty of local ponds and streams. It may also be illegal. We dispose of the waste water according to strict EPA, state and local regulations. Partnering with SeCar's Auto Wash empowers your fundraising efforts by enabling you to offer a desirable and environmentally responsible service.
All Washes Valid for 1 Year !

Strictly limited to Non-Profit organization only.